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the weigh down workshop The faith-based Weigh Down Workshop is a program started by Gwen Shamblin many years ago. She is a registered dietician and holds workshops in countless locations. Maggie Sorrells started with 440 pounds to join the … Weiterlesen last captures Headquarters for branded golf clubs and golf balls company. Includes dealer locations, media center, and product catalog. Regulatory capture is a form of political corruption that occurs when a regulatory agency, created to act in the public interest, instead advances the commercial or FRAPS game capture video recorder Fraps can show fps (frame rate) in Windows PC games! Fraps performs video capture, screen capture and can benchmark your fps! Supports both DirectX capture and OpenGL Pinnacle Systems is the leader in video editing software and hardware and video transfer and duplication. Our digital video editing software is the industry's #1 related: pinnacle, systems, video, Medium format camera systems - Medium format camera systems and Capture One raw converter for both professional and advanced amateur photographers pursuing ultimate image quality. NETL Document Library. You can search for documents by selecting the appropriate link with in the content section or use the Search feature below

Google darf Gmail nicht als EU-Marke eintragen Der Begriff “Gmail” darf von Google nicht als EU-Marke eingetragen werden, entschied das EU-Harmonisierungsamt. Das Amt sah eine zu große Verwechslungsgefahr mit der von D. Gi er sch gehaltenen Marke “G-mail“. Somit darf Google sehr … Weiterlesen

Upgrade von WP 2.0 auf 2.01 einfach gestern habe ich mit dem deutschen von WP2.00 auf 2.01 runderneuert. Es ist einfacher als ich vorher dachte und hat für mich am Verhalten von WordPress und dem Theme nichts geändert. Zuerst habe … Weiterlesen