She joked about Hilton’s prison term, she regrets now!

Sarah Kate Silverman (born 1970) is a Jewish American actress and writer.

Her Jesus is Magic will be on Comedy Central’s „The Secret Stash.“

“There’s a still of me on Twitter in blackface … it’s totally racist out of context and I regret that,” comedian says Sarah Silverman has made a Sarah Silverman is known for pushing the envelope in her comedy, but it there is one instance from her past that she now feels like pushed things too far. talked about an episode of her show when she wore blackface, and how she wished it hadn't been taken out of context. Gloria Steinem & Sarah Silverman: Political activist and feminist icon Gloria Steinem and the always-hilarious tell Chelsea they both have no about never Tags: gloria, steinem, sarah, silverman, the raging Hollywood liberal – they don’t get much kookier than her – just called for the military to stage a coup and remove Just ask comedian and rising star actress , who tossed the ultimate anti-feminist grenade at legions of women struggling to doesn’t regret choosing her career over motherhood. The 46-year-old stand-up comedian still stands by her decision because her career is