The faith-based Weigh Down Workshop is a program started by Gwen Shamblin many years ago. She is a registered dietician and holds workshops in countless locations.
Maggie Sorrells started with 440 pounds to join the weight-loss program, her husband Andy Sorrells with 505 pounds.
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The official launch pad for all sites relating to Weigh Down Ministries, Gwen Shamblin, and Remnant Fellowship Church. Fortunately, it’s not very often we get to watch the unfolding of what may become a major new pseudo-Christian cult. We may be watching it now with Gwen Shamblin and the Weigh Down Workshop. Millions Exodus out of Egypt: , , 1992; Rising above: magnetic pull of refrigerator, , Inc., 1992; Exodus from strongholds, , 1998, ISBN 1892729075 WeighDownWorkshop - You truly is answer to permanent t loss. This revolutionary program is showing people, on a daily basis, how God can transform ir hearts and minds so that y can lose all ir Tags: weighdownworkshop, youtube, “ Diet” recommends drawing on Bible to lose t. Find out more about this diet plan at WebMD . Stay in a class! se video lessons have been changing lives for over 20 years now! most successful participants stay active in classes. We originally joined in 1998, that was given through our local church. Basically I (Steve) was more serious partner about losing t than my because I had more t to