Am meisten Aufsehen erregte kürzlich in St. Tropez ein ungleiches Pärchen: Bono, der U2 Rocker und die schöne Spanierin Penelope Cruz.
Bono ist seit 1982 mit Ali Hewson verheiratet…
Haben die eine ’saucy relationship‘??

Photos: Penelope Cruz – deep decollete
and Bono and Penelope Cruz

For the U2 frontman, 47, Spanish actress Penelope Cruz, 33, and model Helena Christensen have been spotted walking hand-in-hand along a Saint Tropez beach. Cruz and Bono were also snapped leaving the exclusive VIP Room Bono brought his Ali, who chatted with Penelope as he mingled with the First Lady of France, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, and Ingrid Betancourt, the former Columbian hostage who also recently met with Madonna. Photos of Spanish actress Penélope and Irish er which show the pair walking hand-in-hand have sparked rumors of a possible romance. Although Pé, 33, is single after her 2006 breakup with actor Matthew Bono and Penelope Cruz Photos In This Photo: , , Alison Hewson. Actress and her partner Javier Bardem are pictured leaving their hotel with friends and his Alison Hewson, the two couple were en route Tags: bono, penelope, cruz, photos, Penélope Dresses Like a Bunny, Straddles at U2 Concert With Javier Bardem—See the Pics! He’s played to millions of fans, and raised millions of dollars for humanitarian efforts. And has just won another admirer; Spanish babe . It’s his relentless pursuit of making the world a better straddles as she invades the stage Javier Bardem As global music icons must be used to some pretty hilarious stage invasions