Der zweite tödliche Crash innerhalb von drei Tagen bei den Reno National Championship Air Races.

Am Dienstag ist Steve Dari, ein Pilot aus Lemon Grove kurz nach dem Start seines Doppeldeckers abgeschmiert und tödlich verletzt worden.

Brad Morehouse (Afton Flight Service) starb am Donnerstag beim Crash seiner L-39 Albatross ‚Dino Juice‘, eines Jet-Trainings Flugzeugs.

Damit gab es in der 44-jährigen Geschichte der Reno Flugzeugrennen 17 Tote.

Reno ist jeweils im September Schauplatz der ‚Reno National Championship Air Races‘. Bei dieser Luftfahrtveranstaltung auf dem Stead Airfield werden mit Flugzeugen in sechs verschiedenen Typklassen (u.a. Sportflugzeuge, Jets, kolbengetriebene Jagdflugzeuge der WWII-Ära) Rennen ausgeflogen.

Steve Dari from Lemon Grove was killed when his biplane stalled shortly after takeoff at the air races on Tuesday. His fatal crash had been the first at the races since 2002.
Brad Morehouse of Afton was ‚killed instantly‘ when his jet L-39 Albatross ‚Dino Juice‘ crashed on thursday, what forced the suspension of Thursday’s afternoon competition.

The Reno Air Racing Association confirmed at a press conference Monday that L-29 pilot Aaron Hogue died in a crash during the Jet Gold Race on Sunday. Air Racing legend Sherman Smoot died Sept. 2, 2022, when his highly-modified Yak-11, “Czech Mate,” crashed near Shafter Airport-Minter Field in California during a test flight in anticipation of the upcoming Reno Air Races. He , Nev. (KOLO) - SEPT. 19 UPDATE: Authorities have identifed the pilot who was killed in a Sunday as Aaron Hogue. Hogue was killed during the third lap of the Jet Gold Race. He The Galloping Ghost (aircraft) - The Galloping Ghost was a P-51D Mustang racer that held various speed records and whose fatal in 2011 led to several changes to make shows safer.. Built in 1944 by North American Tags: galloping, ghost, aircraft, wikipedia, L.A. Times entertainment news from Hollywood including event coverage, celebrity gossip and deals. On 21 March 2011, a non-worthy Antonov An-12 transport craft of Trans Congo ed into a densely populated neighbourhood of Pointe Noire, Republic of the Congo, while on final approach to land.All four occupants A plane ed during the in , Nevada, on Sunday afternoon, officials said. One person was killed in the fiery .