The Red Bull BO-105 Twin engine heli doing back flips.

The pilot is said to be Chuck Aaron, the only pilot with license in aerobatic at the moment.

A well designed helicopter is a thing of beauty. This BO-105 rocks. New composite rotors and heat treated carbon-fiber bodies are amazing.

how long have they been around i recall a chopper similar back in the Seventies doing a high to low alt auto gyration without full landing.

Actually you can’t hover upside down in a helicopter. You can only plum it. Saying that you are hovering means that your altitude is constant. If you reversed the blades on a helicopter then yes it would hover upside down, but it would never get off of the ground.

Check out this video of an insane RC helicopter doing loop, rolls and dancing in the sky to see what helis can do!!

its called plane prop, hes using the prop just like on a plane, with the heli tunes and balanced out correctly, he is able to fly like that, not to mention the endless amounts of skill, thats good flying!

Red Bull are hopeful DRS and a strategic edge could help them overhaul Ferrari in Sunday's inaugural Miami Grand Prix, with drivers expecting racing to be difficult on a surface that has been The Red Bull Plane Swap on Sunday was billed as a world-first. The two stunt pilots tried to swap their Cessna planes after jumping out while mid-air during a controlled dive at the same time. Keith Ladzinski Pool. Pilot Luke Aikins is seen successfully entering the silver plane, during Plane Swap in Eloy, Arizona on April 24, 2022. Prag Vuckovic Red Bull has fix in has put in place a fix for the fuel system problems that forced both its Formula 1 cars out of last weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix. Tags: bull, place, bahrain, fuel, Blade CB CX 4; Blade Scout CX 1; Blade SR 2; Blade Tandem Rescue 2; Blade Zeyrok 6; Blades 248; Blue 1; Blue Bird Servo 1; Boomerang Elan V2 Parts 11; Boomerang Jet Bluff Daily News: Local News, Local Sports and more for Bluff San Diego went full-throttle Wednesday when the long-awaited "Top Gun" sequel premie aboard the famous USS Midway Museum.

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