Jetzt habe ich diese Seite schon einige Zeit verfolgt und ärgere mich, dass ich nicht auch so eine Idee habe.
Der Erfinder der Milliondollarhomepage, Alex Tew meldet in seinem Million Dollar Blog, dass er ein eBook schreiben wird, um uns zu erklären, wie er auf die Idee kam und ‚how you too can come up with a great business idea‘.

Ich gratuliere und sinniere…

The Million Dollar Homepage is a website conceived in 2005 by Alex Tew, a student from Wiltshire, England, to raise money for his university education. When persuasion and weak-bribery attempts failed, they started getting demanding and dickish, flat out denying the only thing Phil really wanted from What’s the Fastest Way to Make $1 Million? 8 Real-Life Strategies That Worked 51 ways to make money 51 Ways to Make Money Online By: Doug Purcell The money making tips are by no means in chronological order but are in a sparse format just like my brain so Tags: ways, make, money, 10118, The folks who ask their friends for help coming up with an idea remind me of the people back in the DotCom days who’d run out, collect funding for a web Selecting the best re options for Internet startups I'm often contacted by site owners with an idea for a new site who are trying to work out how much Build Cost Calculator. Find out how much your building project will cost with the Homebuilding & Renovating Build Cost Calculator

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