…how does Harry Potter end?

…and The Deathly Hallows end?

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Harry James Potter is the titular protagonist of J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. The majority of the books' plot covers seven years in the life of the orphan Potter, who, on his eleventh birthday, J. K. Rowling. J.K. Rowling is the author of the record-breaking, multi-award-winning Harry Potter novels. Loved by fans around the world, the series has sold over 450 million copies, been translated into 78 s, and James (b. 31 July, 1980) was a half-blood wizard, one of the most famous wizards of modern times. He was the only child and son of James and Lily (née Evans), both Lucius Malfoy | Harry Potter Lucius Malfoy (b. 1953/1954) was a pure-blood wizard, and son of Abraxas Malfoy, husband of Narcissa Black, the father of Draco Malfoy and the grandfather of Scorpius Malfoy. Lucius was educated at Hogwarts, where he Tags: lucius, malfoy, harry, potter, Butterbier.de ist eine gewidmete Fansite mit Fanwork wie Wallpaper, Rätsel und Spiele, Deutsch-Englisches Lexikon, offenen Fragen für Band 7 usw. Coloring Book [Scholastic] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Unleash your creativity and escape to one of the most beloved series of all time. From the heraldry of the four Hogwarts houses