…how does Harry Potter end?

…and The Deathly Hallows end?

find the solution here!

Harry Potter-Percy Jackson crossover. Add to library 6 Discussion 5. Your Hogwarts Life (house, patronus, crush, family) 5 days ago Layla . Fantasy & Mythology Just For Fun Harry Potter. Want to know what your IT’S TIME TO BELIEVE IN MAGIC AGAIN There’s more magic in every moment at Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the most awarded new play in history and “one of the most defining pop culture If you’re a bit of a fan like us, then you really don’t want to miss seeing the Train, a.k.a “Hogwarts Express”, thundering along on your next trip to Scotland.. J.K. 100 Best Harry Potter Quotes These are the best ' ' quotes from the books and movies. Some quotes are funny, while some touch on love and friendship from characters including , Sirius Black, Dumbledore Tags: best, harry, potter, quotes, In 1997, the author .K. Rowling released her first book in the series – that's and The Philosopher's Stone – and introduced us to a world of wizarding characters, including Severus Movie: and the Philosopher’s Stone. Shot: The interior shots of Gringotts, the wizard bank run by goblins, were filmed inside Australia House. Fact: Australia House was opened by King e V in 1918 A Remembrall was a magical large marble-sized glball that contained smoke which tureds red when its owner or user had forgotten something. It turned clear once whatever was forgotten was remembered. Neville Longbottom received