Britney Spears had a small problem with her bikini in Beverly Hills.

While she was doing a little sunbathing we could see more …
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Britney Spears is taking a load off in Hawaii after ending her residency in Las Vegas -- and we are so thankful for the break and the view Britney Spears has been turning heads for the past couple decades, and we're not just talking about her iconic statements on stage. Whether it's photo shoots, flashes some of her old lady camel toe (here) while in a in a couple of the candid beach photos below. ’s camel toe looks Britney Spears is Glorious In mixed business with pleasure this week flying to Hawaii on the heels of her new album announcement. It's called "Glory" which Tags: britney, spears, glorious, bikini, I’m not gonna lie, back in the day, I was convinced was all washed up, and that it was all over for her. Unless she went on As the East Coast prepares for the bomb cyclone, is living her best life! The 36-year-old pop star took to social media on Wednesday to looks incredible as she hits the beach in Hawaii in a yellow , 01/03/2018. The 36-year-old singer went away on vacation just days