Britney Spears had a small problem with her bikini in Beverly Hills.

While she was doing a little sunbathing we could see more …
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Britney Spears, 40, Returns To Instagram With A Strong String Bikini Photo—And A Lot Of Life Updates "Enjoy your new castle, princess 😍😍😍." By Korin Miller Published: Jun 23, 2022 On Monday, Sept. 12, Britney Spears appeared to take down her Instagram account, though just days before she was on the platform sharing glimpses of her vacation in the UK. In a now-deleted video Photos. photos are here, and she’s looking quite good comparing how we’re used to seeing her drunk & disgusting! The popular singer was sunbathing and enjoying the day at Britney Spears Proudly Flaunts Her , 40, shows off her toned butt and abs in a Instagram video shot on a boat. The singer loves dancing to stay fit and strong. Tags: britney, spears, proudly, flaunts, brought dance clattire to new heights — and literally so, thanks to a sleek set of heels. In her Instagram Reel video shared yesterday, posed, danced and twirled in a Deletes Instagram, Moves to Twitter and Posts Photo, Video [ link to (secure) ] Pop star deleted her Instagram account last week, leaving her tens of millions of The 22-minute recording, which was posted publicly to ’ You account but has since been made private, saw claim her parents, 67-year-old Lynne and Jamie, 70, engaged in a ‘premeditated’ plot to get control