The Texas Heat Wave custom car show is running over the weekend at Travis County Expo Center.

The Heat wave disaster planning - (PDF File of this Page) Heat can kill by pushing the human body beyond its limits. Plants developed the Texas Agricultural Extension Service. Features retailers, growing tips, and of selected plants. (CNN)Four people have been killed in a record-setting that's plaguing the Southwest. A handful of raging wildfires have also popped up Two deaths reported in California's San Francisco (CNN)The record-breaking roasting the West has killed at least two people. A 72-year-old man and an 87-year-old woman died Tags: deaths, reported, californias, scorching, Late-September leaves climate experts stunned "Never been a of this duration and magnitude this late in the season," reports NOAA The sweltering in Southern California is expected to last through the middle of the week, breaking temperatures records along the way. Southern California's is contributing to Tropical Storm Harvey's damaging stay in .