Aranovo2 free WordPress theme

Here you find the download link and the ReadMe to be able to set up the theme Aranovo2


The free Aranovo2 Theme features

  • Unique layout with a jQuery Coda Slider on top of the homepage view
  • Full WordPress 2.9 Post Thumbnail support by enabling this feature
  • Using post thumbnails for the slider and list of posts in frontview
  • Checking for thumbnails of attached Images for the slider and list of posts in frontview
  • A drop down navigation menu for pages
  • A Custom page template for archives, categories and search results
  • Widget ready Adds, sidebars and footer
  • Integrated banner advertising positions (468×60px and 300×250px) to populate by widget
  • WordPress 2.9 compatible

Download: Free WordPress Theme Aranovo2 (, 160KB)

What is the difference to Aranovo theme you might ask: Aranovo2 is not using an external timthumb script to resize images, Aranovo2 is using and enabling the new feature of WordPress 2.9+ „Post Thumbnail“
Wordpress is creating various sizes of your uploaded images (resized copies actually).
In your post editor you can directly assign any of your WordPress images to be used as The Thumbnail for the post you are just editing. Aranovo2 is using the size it needs to display them.

How to start using Aranovo2: The ReadMe and configuration.

Theme installation: we recommend WordPress Version 2.9+ as the base..

Installing this theme is quite easy. Once you got the theme and extracted the zip-file, upload the themes folder to your wp-content/themes/ directory.

Next, login your WordPress Dashboard and go to the Appearance – Themes and activate the theme.


There are no additional plugins included. You don’t have to install any plugins — the theme works fine and does not require you to install a plugin. However, any plugin will work as with the default theme.

Getting started

Once the theme is enabled you will find in your post editor a Post Thumbnail Option (Meta Box) which is enabled by the theme. Here you can set images to display in the slider on top. WordPress will create the correct size automatically.
Images are also drawn if they are attached to a post.

Sidebar and Bottom content:
Under Appearance you find a link to Widgets, you see available widgets supplied by WordPress and eventually any plugin and you see on the right of this screen the Sections of the theme ready to take a widget.
Just drag them in and activate them.
Any Content the theme displays by default will be completely replaced by the first widget in this section! However, „deleting“ all widgets in a section will show the default content.

Threaded Comments

The theme supports WordPress’s in-built threaded comments functionality. To use this feature you need at least WordPress 2.7+ and you have to enable it on your Settings > Discussion page. Recommended comment nesting level: up to three levels deep.
We recommend to tick off „Break comments into pages..“, means do not paginate them – a long story not to discuss here.


by using widgets you can replace the current adds easily, or you follow the guide below to edit the files containing them.

There are three main advertisement places in the theme. For your convenience these are located in three different files, eg. addbannercontent.php (486x60px), addheadright.php (486x60px) and addsidebarsquare.php(250x250px) in you themes folder.
These files contain only a link to the image replacing your adds.
So by replacing this line with your script you will load your advertising in the according places.

Version History:
1.0.1 25.01.2010 improved image scan, frontpage shows thumbnail plus the_excerpt if there is an image, else it will show the_content
1.0 20.01.2009 first release

Having problems? Ask for help in our forum!

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