Volkswagen stock price surge, Hedge funds lost

Porsche announced on Sunday that it aims to take a 75% stakeholding of Volkswagen shares. Volkswagen stock were fueled once people heard the news and rose from 210.52 Euro on friday to 945 Euro on … Weiterlesen Germany Pipe Sdn Bhd contact us mail Only exporter to win 6 consecutive awards for export excellence, Steel s India offers widest range of Inconel Tubing, Inconel s, Hastelloy s, Monel s, Stainless Steel s, Stainless Steel Tubing & API 5L Grade - 2 2 105 523808 Distributors - Separ Filter | craisa s.a 200 metros al este del puente orlich, costado norte del mall real cariari, heredia, costa rica : dean gonzalez /spare parts manager (Abu Dhabi only) Bainuna Mech. Elect. Equipment & Oil Field Services Post Box 642 Electra Street K.M Trading Building Abu Dhabi United Emirates Tel: +971 (2) 6393303 related: distribution, partners, elaflex, Global Network | Kubota Global Kubota Group is a global manufacturing company, specializing in agriculture, water, and living environment products, with a worldwide network over 120 areas.

Valkyrie the movie - portray of Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg

The film Valkyrie is directed by Bryan Singer and stars Tom Cruise. It is a historical thriller movie set in WWII Germany. The film represents the July 20, 1944 plot of German army officers whose … Weiterlesen

recent spam mails

The issuer of your credit card we were advised that a card associated with your informations has been reported as stolen or lost coming from cjlu edu cn Hello. We recently have determined an fraudulent … Weiterlesen

Tipp für einen echten Googlemail account:

Update März 2007 Wenn Ihr eine Googlemail-Einladung sucht, dann geht doch einfach zu Google Mail ’sign up for Google Mail‘ und holt euch einen Account – man braucht keine Einladung mehr!! Update 27. Jan. 2007 … Weiterlesen

not found URLs (HTTP code 404) - Themes und andere Seiten die hier nicht gefunden wurden

Wer auch immer nach den folgenden Vulnerabilities in plugins and themes sucht, die gibt es hier nicht!! Da sucht ein Bot oder Script automatisch nach Themes und Dateien. Auszug aus meinem 404 Log-File: /admin.php /admin/uploadify/uploadify.swf … Weiterlesen