Volkswagen stock price surge, Hedge funds lost

Porsche announced on Sunday that it aims to take a 75% stakeholding of Volkswagen shares. Volkswagen stock were fueled once people heard the news and rose from 210.52 Euro on friday to 945 Euro on … Weiterlesen Trading Company Jeddah mail EcoTech is located in UAE and Saudi ia. Our head office is located in Hamriyah Free Zone in UAE, where we have unique warehouse facilities. Power and Control Company for Trading. Head Office - Riyadh - Kingdom of Saudi ia Tel +966 11 2424741 - Fax : +966 11 2424456. Siniora - Home > About Our Heritage. The extraordinary success of Siniora's well-established and long-standing brand traces its heritage back to its founding in Jerusalem in 1920, the immortal city with which Siniora has been synonymous for almost a century. Incorporated in 1959 in Rahima under the name of Ali Abdullah Al Siddiq Est., we became one of the major vendors in Saudi Aramco dealing in sanitary fittings, curtain shades, chemicals and stationary products. related: welcome, alsiddiq, trading, ORYX INTERNATIONAL BUILDING MATERIALS TRADING We supply and provide building materials of uncompromised quality to our teeming customers, and excellent services. This is so as to meet their needs, expectations and standards. Mahmoud Saeed limited is one of the most prestigious business groups in Saudi ia - headquartered in and has branches in most other major cities.

sara lee bread recall

The Sara Lee Food & Beverage Company issued in cooperation with the FDA a voluntary recall of some of their bread products. They are said to contain small pieces of metal and plastic. Affected products … Weiterlesen

ASH 26 Tangent RC-model

ASH 26 … simply masterful! The full-size ASH 26 was developed and built by the Schleicher company in Poppenhausen. The machine is available both as a pure glider and as a powered version with retractable … Weiterlesen

Google darf Gmail nicht als EU-Marke eintragen

Der Begriff „Gmail“ darf von Google nicht als EU-Marke eingetragen werden, entschied das EU-Harmonisierungsamt. Das Amt sah eine zu große Verwechslungsgefahr mit der von D. Gi er sch gehaltenen Marke „G-mail„. Somit darf Google sehr … Weiterlesen

Googlemail Anmeldung jetzt ohne Einladung!!

Man kann sich ab sofort einen @googlemail account ohne Einladung (Invite) erstellen! Hier der direkte Weg zur Anmeldung zu Googlemail: Melden Sie sich bei Google Mail an Das heisst, alle meine Einladungslinks für @gmail in … Weiterlesen

ich möchte gerne spam bekommen .. ?

nach sowas suchen manche Leute offensichtlich auf Google – und landen dann bei mir. Ich versende leider keinen SPAM! Wer unbedingt Spam braucht, der sollte seine E-Mail Adresse am besten überall öffentlich eintragen, dann kommt … Weiterlesen