WordPress Database Error Custom Seite

Wenn euer MySQL Datenbank Server mal wieder down ist, bekommt ihr immer so eine hässliche Seite zu sehen: WordPress, Error Establishing a Database Connection Im Internet habe ich eine schöne Anleitung gefunden, wie man das … Weiterlesen pollyfan custom

Arthemix ME using autoinsert external flickr images with timthumb

This is a post to test a version of timthumb allowing to load external images. Included in this new theme is a function to grab the first image in your post. So there is no … Weiterlesen

texas heat wave

The Texas Heat Wave custom car show is running over the weekend at Travis County Expo Center.

Twenty Ten WordPress 3.0 Demo

With WordPress 3.0 you get a new ‚default‘ theme called Twenty Ten. So upgrading to 3.0 will install this new theme to your themes folder. This site is using a plugin to let visitors select … Weiterlesen

Free WordPress Theme Arthemix Bronze released

I just put up the WordPress theme Arthemix Bronze for download. The free Arthemix Bronze Theme features Unique layout with a jQuery Content Slider on top of the homapage view Automatic Image Resizer (timthumb), to … Weiterlesen

Twenty Eleven theme WordPress 3.2 Demo

With the release WordPress 3.2 you will get a new default theme called Twenty Eleven, based on the popular Duster theme. Rotating header images, post format support, and more. So upgrading to 3.0 will install … Weiterlesen